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Complete Termite Treatment in Florida!

Are you concerned your home might have termites? Southern Greens can inspect, treat, and protect your home - giving you the peace of mind you deserve! Get your FREE Termite Inspection today!

Termite Control in Palmetto, FL

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Termites are capable of feasting on your home 24 hours a day, never taking a break. Over $1 billion in damage is done by termites annually across the US, and your home insurance likely won’t foot the bill for restoration. Don’t let termites take over your home, Southern Greens’ termite control in Palmetto is here to help!

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Get protection from ants, spiders, roaches, rodents, other common household pests, and termites. 

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Whole-Home Termite Treatments

We have a variety of solutions to fit your home’s needs. Depending on your needs, we offer:

  • A thorough inspection of your home to determine the severity of the infestation, type of termites, and more. 
  • Preventative treatments to protect your home from ever getting termites.
  • Reactive treatments to remove an existing termite infestation. 
  • Indoor and outdoor treatments to completely remove the issue.
  • Spot treatments whenever the need arises.
  • Your satisfaction - guaranteed! 

Get Your Free Termite Inspection

Common Termite Species in Florida

Are you worried you have a termite issue? Not sure what type of termite species is to blame? Since 1993, we’ve been providing great termite control in Florida using nothing but the finest products and latest techniques at a reasonable price. We know how to get rid of the two most common types of termites in Florida: Subterranean and Drywood termites.

Subterranean Termites

Subterranean termites are a translucent, gray-brown color. This allows them to blend into the soil and wooden surfaces. Subterranean termites can cause intense damage eating the wood from the inside out. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t even realize there’s a problem until the damage is done! Southern Greens relies on the power of Termidor, the number one non-repellent termiticide on the market. Termidor can eliminate termite colonies in as little as 90 days, protecting your home from Subterranean termites.

Drywood Termites

Like that subterranean termite, these termites feed on cellulose materials, including books, dried plants, furniture, and the structure of your home! Drywood termites are less common than subterranean termites, but they can still cause a lot of damage to your home. Primarily found in coastal, southern states, drywood termites are identifiable by piles of fecal pellets. You’ll likely notice these pellets in areas like your window sills if you have a drywood termite infestation.


Signs Your Home Has Termites

With the perfect climate for termites, Florida is a hotbed for activity. If you don’t have termite protection, your home is open to extensive damage. While it’s important to have an annual termite inspection and a year-round treatment plan, understanding the tell-tale signs can help you catch the problem before major damage has been done.

Common signs of a termite infestation include:

  • Piles of discarded wings - termites will shed their wings after a swarm. 
  • Termite fecal matter - drywood termites leave piles of their excrement around your home, resembling mounds of salt and pepper.
  • Hollow-sounding wood - the wood within your home will sound hollow as termites eat from the outside in.
  • Mud tubes along walls and foundation - subterranean termites create mud tubes to protect them from predators and utilize them as nests and pathways. 
  • Squeaky floors - while it might be your home settling, in tandem with other signs squeaky floors can be a sign of termites. 
  • Small holes punctured through drywall - as termites consume your home, they may puncture the sheetrock. Drywood termites will leave these holes alone, moving on. Subterranean termites will attempt to patch the holes with soil. 
  • Flying termites during swarms - Termites have been reported swarming every month except December in Florida. 

Do you see signs of termites in your home? Get your home inspected with Southern Greens today! Learn more about the signs of termites!

Do We Service Your Area?

Are you wondering if we service your neighborhood? Southern Greens offers termite control to the following areas:

Keep termites from destroying your home.