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Custom Lawn Care in Bradenton

Having the lawn of your dreams takes a lot of work and it can be tough to find the time to devote to such an endeavor. With our lawn care services in Bradenton, you can take the burden off your shoulders. Save time and money with Southern Greens!
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Convenient On-Call Services

Have a pest emergency? We proudly offer on-call service to our full-package members. Give us a call so we can help!

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Locally Owned & Operated

Southern Greens Pest Control has been locally owned and operated, and serving Southern Florida communities since 1993.


Very impressed with Southern Greens' professionalism. Just switched from a lawn care competitor and I believe Southern Greens' plan will achieve superior results. First application occurred quickly after signing up.

Lawn Care Bradenton

Every homeowner wants a gorgeous landscape that adds value to their home. Unfortunately, very few of us have the time or energy to do it ourselves. The expert lawn care technicians at Southern Greens are here to help. We can give you the lawn you’ve been dreaming of while saving you time to do the things you love! 

A Green, Healthy Lawn Guaranteed! 

The key to maintaining a lush lawn is to ensure your yard is as healthy as possible. We’ve designed our lawn care program to be well-rounded for the healthiest lawn possible.

Our lawn care in Bradenton includes:

  • A careful inspection of your lawn to understand what type of grass is growing in your yard, what pests are present, and other factors that impact the quality of grass we’re starting with. 
  • Weed and insect control to keep weeds from growing and pests from ruining your turf.
  • A customized fertilizer blend to help your lawn grow lush and vibrant. 
  • Free re-treatments if you’re not satisfied! 

With the nutrients and care your yard needs, it will grow to be healthy, strong, and a lawn you’re proud to show off!

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Gorgeous Grass from a Team You Can Trust

For over 25 years, our family-owned business has been dedicated to providing the best service at a great price. Our programs are designed to maximize turf quality through management practices that are eco-friendly and family safe.

We understand the importance of building a trustworthy relationship with you and being a team you can depend on! Most of our employees have been here longer than five years or more— and hundreds of our customers have been with us for over 10 years! 

Call our office at 941-747-6677 today to schedule your treatment!

Protect Against Lawn Pests, Too!

While you might want to just focus on the part of your lawn you can see, pests below the surface can quickly kill your grass, bother your family, and cause you problems.

Common lawn pests we treat as part of our lawn care in Bradenton include:

  • White grubs- these pests live beneath the soil and feast on your roots. 
  • Chinch bugs- quickly kill your grass by injecting poison into the blades.
  • Mole crickets- burrow deep and eat away at your lawn.
  • Fleas and ticks- carry dangerous diseases that can make your loved ones sick.
  • Fire ants- cause painful stings to their unfortunate victims, and may sting multiple times!

Weed Control in Bradenton

No matter how careful they are, a weed infestation is likely to happen to every lawn and garden enthusiast at some point. It’s times like that when you need quality weed control in Bradenton. When undesirable vegetation takes hold, don’t get frustrated, and don’t waste hours of your time bending over in the heat to yank them up. Look to the local weed control experts with over 25 years of experience to give you back a weed-free yard!

Our lawn care technicians will protect your yard from:

  • Dollar weed
  • Nutsedge
  • Oxalis
  • Chickweed
  • Beggarweed
  • And others!

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High-Quality Products for Lasting Results

Here at Southern Greens, only the very best vegetation control products pass our list of requirements. After all, you worked hard for your home and deserve to have the lawn of your dreams. We exclusively use the highest quality, most eco-friendly products every time. Choose the lawn care company that you can trust to provide the best weed control in Bradenton.

Fertilization in Bradenton

Even the most meticulously maintained lawns can’t be expected to go it alone. Your grass works hard all year to keep your lawn looking great so give it a hand with professional lawn fertilization. No matter how well you care for your lawn, there will be times of the year when it needs a little boost. When those times come, our lawn care technicians have your back and are ready to apply our custom-designed fertilizer blends wherever they’re needed.

With our professional fertilizer treatments in Bradenton, you can expect:

  • More balanced soil chemistry.
  • Greater levels of nutrition available to your grass all year.
  • Increased resistance to pests, disease, and fungus.
  • A reduction in weed growth.
  • A healthier plant from root to stem, resulting in a more attractive lawn.

FREE Retreatments if You Need Them

At Southern Greens, we know that you expect the best from your lawn care company. We expect the best from ourselves too and it’s that attitude that forms the bedrock of our entire approach. So if you aren’t happy with our fertilization in Bradenton, just let us know and we’ll be back to perform all necessary treatments at no additional cost to you. Don’t settle for anything short of the results that you deserve and let us go to work for you!

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