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Signs of Termites in Your Home

termites on the ground

Suspect you might have termites? Termites are more than just a nuisance in your home. They are one of the pests that can extensively damage your house. You should understand the signs to seek out the assistance of a pest control company to stop these vermin as soon as possible.

Look for Drooping or Discolored Drywall

Termites are notorious for devouring wood, but they do not stop there in terms of the destruction they cause. For example, they drill tiny holes through your drywall. You might notice small tunnels through the walls they choose to eat. The tunnels they create gain them access to the studs behind the walls, where the real damage can occur.

As they munch through your drywall, they compromise the integrity of the sheetrock. The destruction causes a chain reaction of sagging or discolored drywall.

Examine Your Walls for Bubbling Paint 

These insects eat through your paint to gain access to the drywall and wood behind the sheetrock. Once they eat through your paint, it causes bubbling.

Keep in mind that bubbling paint not accompanied by other signs of termites may have other possible causes.

Listen for Audible Clues

Use a hammer and tap wooden surfaces with it. Listen carefully for a hollow sound. This noise may indicate that termites consumed some of the wood and left empty space. 

Hold a stethoscope to any walls that look like they have damage or, just as a routine, check on different walls throughout your home. As you listen through the stethoscope, note any rustling sounds. These sounds may indicate pests are scurrying around in your walls. 

Look for the Pests 

The most obvious sign of termites in your home is finding a culprit in or outside of your home. They are difficult to spot, but if you find one, examine it carefully and look at their traits. 

Three different types of termites exist: 

Worker termite
Soldier termite 
Winged termite

The winged termites have wings and appear dark brown or black. They are the largest, and often the first ones, you notice. Their antennas are straight, and their bodies are soft.

​Worker termites, on the other hand, do not have wings. They have straight antennas and are either white or translucent in color. 

Like the workers, the soldiers do not have wings either. They have the same antennas as the workers and winged termites, but they also have pincers located close to their heads. The soldier termites’ color is usually brownish.

Generally, all termites are around three-eighths inches long. 

Evaluate Your Floors 

Look at your floors for signs of sagging. The flooring might appear as though it is buckling from the damage. Also, tiles may loosen. The termites enjoy the softer wood of subfloors, which is what causes flooring to separate from the subfloor.

You might hear your floor squeaking as you walk on it from the termite damage.

Look for Patterned Holes in Your Wood

When you look at termite holes, you want to look near them for patterns in the damage. For instance, subterranean termites are little artists that bore patterns that look like honeycombs.

If you suspect you have termites because you notice holes in your wood or you caught one of them in the act, a Parrish, Florida pest control company can help. Sometimes, these pests go beyond eating your woodwork and start to munch on your drywall and flooring. Therefore, early detection is a preventative measure that can protect your home.


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