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Ghost Ant Extermination

Ghost Ants

The Ghost Ant or Tapinoma melanocephalum are recognised by their dark head and pale or translucent legs and abdomen. This coloring makes this tiny ant (1⁄16 of an inch, 1.5 mm) seem even smaller.

The ghost ant’s diet consists mainly of sweets but they will also feed on grease and occasionally living or dead insects. They exhibit a high need for moisture, and although colonies are usually established outside, they can readily “set up camp” inside domestic houses during dry conditions.

This is a widespread tropical species, found throughout the world. Its native range is unknown. The ghost ant is thought to be so named because the legs and abdomen of the insect look transparent, with only the head and thorax being dark brown in color.

Observed in infested buildings with the naked eye they are quite difficult to distinguish from pharaoh ants, being virtually the same size.

Like a lot of small insects, a positive identification can only be made once is a specimen is looked at through a microscope. The worker ants form trails like pharaoh ants, taking food back to the nest, and also like pharaoh ants, the queens are communal, so that there can be several queens in a colony, and several thousand workers. New colonies can be formed when a queen and some workers migrate away.


Ghost Ant extermination is another of our businesses here in Florida. We only use Pet Safe, Environment-Friendly Products. We will inspect your property for common areas of entry and place family and pet safe treatments in areas where we know they will visit and/or have been. This will remove them from your home and keep them from coming back.

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